Test Video Resource Guide

Test Video Resource Guide

Test Video Resource Guide

We’ve put together a list of resources and tips to help you improve the audio, video, and presentation quality of your test video.

Use this guide to prepare your next test and address any feedback you’ve received. Don’t forget to check our links to best practices to further optimize your video.

Improving Audio Quality

  1. Optimize Your Equipment and Studio Setup
  2. Fixing Audio Formatting Issues
  3. Addressing Volume Issues
  4. Reducing Environmental Noise
  5. Improving Video Quality

HD Quality

  1. Text Legibility and Zooming
  2. Camera Angle, Background, Level, and Steadiness
  3. Lighting
  4. Editing Tools
  5. Improving Presentation Quality

Scripting and Prompting

  1. Editing and Retakes
  2. Step-by-Step Teaching
  3. Natural/Conversational Speech
  4. Pacing and Pauses
  5. Pitch and Tone
  6. Enthusiasm, Volume, and Performance
  7. Be Creative and Surprising 
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