Refund Policy for Single Course Purchase

Refund Policy for Single Course Purchase

Got a course you don’t need anymore or not finding the course suitable as per your requirements?

Worry not! Your satisfaction is our priority. We will get you what you want.


Our clients and their satisfaction stand as our utmost priority. Therefore, our refund policy ensures that the course purchased can be refunded within 30 days. Only the courses purchased online from the website i.e. stands eligible for refunds. Those courses that are purchased from any online Android/IOS app or through a third-party website will not stand eligible for refunds.

Share your reason for being unsatisfied with your purchased course through filling up the Contact Support form. Request a refund from the course dashboard after stating the reason.


Follow the steps for easy refunds

Learnfly is here to assist you with your refunds and its procedures. Follow the steps below for having seamless refunds:

  • Request a Refund from the Course Dashboard
  • Copy the course URL
  • Navigate to the Course Dashboard
  • Click on Request refund
  • Send a ticket through the Contact Support form with the course URL


  • Purchases made from android/IOS apps or third-party website cannot be refunded.
  • All refunds will be credited back to the same card/account within 5-7 business  days upon approval.


Restricted Refunds

Learnfly’s 30-day refund policy has been structured in a way that not only safeguard students interests but also protects the instructors from any scam while assigning a reliable payment schedule. We process the payment to our instructors after 30 days of purchasing the course. After 30 days from the purchase, no refund request would be processed as once the payments are sent to the instructors there will be no refund.

Your refund request would be rejected if the course content was downloaded before applying for the refund request.

Individuals who are into multiple course purchase and asking for refunds over an extended period would be subject to suspension. This regular course purchasing, and refund requests would be considered exploitation of the refund policy.


Refunds for Purchases Through Third Party

Purchases made via a third-party vendor or website would not stand eligible for refunds from Purchases made via a third-party vendor or website restrict us to have the transaction on file as the original payment wasn’t processed by us hindering us to initiate a refund for your third-party course purchase.

For refunds in such cases, you need to contact the third-party vendor directly.

Mobile Purchases

The iOS or android mobile app course purchases does not stand eligible for refunds. As aforementioned, such purchases are not processed by us restricting us to have any transaction history. Such app purchases would require you to reach out to the respective support center directly.


Refunds for Bank Transfers/Cash Payments

In order to complete the refund process for bank transfers/cash payments you need to request a refund and after which you will receive a mail on your registered email address stating the steps which you need to follow to complete your refund process.

The steps mentioned in the email are required to complete your refund, since your purchase was processed by a local payment processor. After you complete all the steps, we would then process the refund from our end.

If you have any further questions about refunds, please reach out to us on:

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