How soon can i access the course after payment?

How soon can i access the course after payment?

Courses are accessible instantly after making the successful payment under "My Courses" section. 
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    • Refund Policy for Single Course Purchase

      Got a course you don’t need anymore or not finding the course suitable as per your requirements? Worry not! Your satisfaction is our priority. We will get you what you want.   Our clients and their satisfaction stand as our utmost priority. ...
    • I’m not able to access course videos.

      Here are a few suggestions that may fix this issue: Try to re-login clear all your  browser cookies Try disabling some or all of your extensions. Try logging in from another web browser. If none of these fixes work, send us an email and we’ll do our ...
    • My payment didn't go through?

      Don't worry, In such cases the payment is reverted in your account by the bank itself, in case you are still facing issues then please do send us an email.
    • What if I select a wrong course by mistake?

      You can send us a message. We’ll try our best to resolve your concern as soon as possible.
    • I'm getting a processing error with my card when I try to make payment for a selected course?

      Such errors generally result of certain security features on your card such as: 1. Details mismatch 2. Bank Server Down 3. Technical issues with Bank Server Wait for some time and try again, if the issue persists Please send us a message with the ...