Do I have access to classes if I cancel my Subscription?

Do I have access to classes if I cancel my Subscription?

When you cancel your Premium Subscription, you’ll lose access to your class videos and any downloadable material provided by teachers at the end of your current pay period. However, you’ll still be able to update your class projects and participate in class discussions, as well as enroll in any free courses on Learnfly.
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    • Subscription Cancellation & Refund Policy

      On Learnfly, you can cancel at any time you want and renew your subscription if you decide to return. If you started your subscription or signed up for a free trial on our website, you'll need to visit from a desktop or mobile web ...
    • Can I get a refund for my Premium Subscription payment?

      Learnfly offers refunds for annual Premium membership payments if you contact us within 7 days after the charge has been processed.    We follow these refund policies: We only allow one refund per customer. We don't offer refunds for annual ...
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      Learnfly e-learning marketplace offers both self-learning courses & live virtual classes. You can signup for our marketplace with just a few clicks and access unlimited courses online.  Upon completion of each course, you shall be rewarded with an ...
    • I’m not able to access course videos.

      Here are a few suggestions that may fix this issue: Try to re-login clear all your  browser cookies Try disabling some or all of your extensions. Try logging in from another web browser. If none of these fixes work, send us an email and we’ll do our ...
    • How soon can i access the course after payment?

      Courses are accessible instantly after making the successful payment under "My Courses" section.